Magid Supermarket


A Few Words About Our Store


Magid Supermarket was first established in 2014 at Sydney Road Coburg, the major focus of Magid Supermarket was to provide home appliancesand specialised gift selections for the customers. This included unique candy boxes, coffee flask, variety of blankets, coffe pots and etc. As the year 2014 and 2015 ended the kitchenware market became challenging and the demand for groceries were growing. Therefore, our focus changed from kitchenware to slowly into dry nuts and spices. 

The 2016 became one of the most crucial year for Magid Supermarket to establish fundamental knowledge in the food industries. This was the hardest and stressful year to transition the shop to a food based shop from home appliance. The stuff members had to learn immediately the method to order, handle and discover the highest Quality products to stock in the shop. However, the challenge did not end as the big retailers in Australia own the large portion of the market and has advantage of winning the customer with their "one stop shop"  strategy. Magid Supermarket had to find a way to sustain and settle in the market as the year 2016 was a complete financial loss due to lack of knowledge in the food based industries. 

As the year 2016 ended, 2017 was a surprising