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Each time the reason for our special or clearance will clarified in each individual item on the description section, as to why they are on special. 

When browsing the special page, read carefully and choose your desired selection. 

- Most of the time our stock will be on special due to clearance or lack of storage because of bulk buying so many different categories of stocks for our local shops and our online store. Therefore, we put some product back on special to quickly sell and free up space in our shop. This way our customers can take the advantage of saving money when they are notified, when subscribed.

- If any of our stock is placed on special and the reason and expiration date will be specified on the description sections. 

- Some times If any of our stock price is reduced due to reaching their expiration date, the minimum time it will have will be more than 3-5 weeks. 

- If any of our stock reaches the actual expiration date, but not sold, it will be automatically removed from the "Special page" and it will remain out stock.  

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