Black Raisin 400g

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Black Raisin (Maviz) 400g

This Black Raisin is Sun Dried naturally under the Sun in Afghanistan and it is very delicious and healthy without any modification.

These raisin don't have seeds inside it, it is very popular and normally used to mix with other nuts or eaten just by itself. You can also use it in cooking like for rice. However, normally red raisin is perferred for cooking but there are people that uses sometimes this black raisin for cooking. 

This raisin can also be soaked in water, and eaten but whatever suits you, you can eat direct or wash it and then eat it. 

Other uses are to mix it with your breakfast muesli or eat it on the side with cheese and walnuts. This is very healthy and commonly customers says that this raisin purifies the blood. 

Note: This information is based on the knoweledge we have and gained during our time working and dealing with customers. This is not a medical advice. 

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