London Rocket Seed 200 Gr خاکشیر

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Descurainia Sophia Seed or Khakshir , Khaksheer

I think this product has few names for example, London Rocket seeds, Descurainia Seeds or Flexweld seeds which are small, seeds found in elongated pods of the London Rocket plant. While this plant is often considered a weed due to its rapid growth, its seeds have historical uses in traditional medicine and culinary practices. They are believed to have medicinal properties and can add flavor to dishes.

London rocket is used in the Iran to treat coughs and chest congestion, to relieve rheumatism, to detoxify the liver and spleen, and to reduce swelling and clean wounds.

keep in a cold and dry place

Product of Iran

For more information, please do some research and make some great use of this seeds. 

Allergy Advice:

This product is processed on Equipment that may also process products containing Gluten, Tree Nuts, Sesame Seeds and Dairy products. 

For further information please check the product labels. 

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