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Lunex Barberry Processed Paste 

Ingredient: Fruit Puree, Fruit Concentrate, Sugar, Acid Citric, Salt. 

One of the freshest and softest Lavashak 

Barberry fruit paste, also known as "zereshk paste" or "zereshk marmalade," is a traditional Persian delicacy made from barberries, a tart and tangy red fruit.

Barberries are commonly used in Persian cuisine to add a sour flavor to dishes.

Lavashak zereshk is a Persian snack made from barberry fruit paste (zereshk) that has been spread thinly, dried, and then cut into bite-sized  or pieces. This snack offers a combination of the tangy flavor of barberries with a chewy texture. It's commonly enjoyed as a sweet and sour treat, reminiscent of fruit leather, and is popular among both children and adults in Iran.

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